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Location based community application with social networking features allowing users to interact with their neighbours, avail services, access online community market place.

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  • Hardware and APP for connected home solutions
  • A central hub in installed which interacts with cloud -Server over Wi-Fi or FSM
  • Switch-on or switch-off electric appliances remotely from web or mobile app
  • Schedule appliances on basis of time or temperature range etc.

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  • Manage Physical Health records
  • Store and access medical files on the move
  • Track child’s health and other precious milestones
  • Never miss a vaccination schedule

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  • Order Management
  • Loyalty Program with Point Redemption
  • Sales Promotions
  • Auto Delivery initated based on Order Quantity


Web Design and Mobile UI for the collaborative product review site Slant. We worked on information architecture, typographic structure and overall visual design.

Responsive platform that reflects the organization’s commitment to an integrated UX strategy and superior customer experience. We conducted on site design research on user persona, collaborated closely with financial consultants and relationship managers.

Internal web portal…

We translated their visual identity into a stunning online presence with an elegant design, informed by the brand’s style and technology. The website makes use of rich media to achieve an interactive and immersive experience and intelligently showcase the products and compel customers to shop.